St Michael and the dragon

Long, busy day!

Morning Job followed by an earlier-than-usual shift at Job No. 2. Then back to the flat for a quick bite  to eat before going up to Chirnside to dance outside the Waterloo Arms to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. St Michael and the dragon are on the weathervane of Chirnside Parish Church, just opposite the pub.

Not entirely sure why they wanted Morris dancing for the occasion, but the landlord very kindly provided us with lots of French bread, cheese and fruit afterwards and it was a fun evening. 

Finally we went to look at a caravan - we're thinking of buying one as a more comfortable way of staying at festivals (since the wind ripped apart our tent last summer). MrM's very keen on the idea, as he never slept very well in the tent, but I like camping and often slept better in a sleeping bag on a carry mat than in a bed! (And there's a little bit in the back of my mind that views a caravan as giving in to advancing old age...)

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