Ride Sally Ride

What a fabulous night I've just had! This great band I've had the pleasure of pulling together with a great deal of help from all of them but especially Yvonne, on my left, front line 2nd picture. This all came from a conversation with her and her partner, Ian, extreme left in main blip, which happened 3 years ago and finally it all came together. I think it was every bit as good as I'd hoped and it was such a buzz being on stage in the middle of it all. It gave me the confidence to sing my heart out and probably do the best performance I've ever done (in quite a few years of performing).

My thanks to Marty who took these pictures and they're uploaded with just a bit of cropping. I should have the performance on video (thank you, Anna). The third of the extras was from earlier in the day during Roy and Marks excellent set of beautifully done standards when this little girl plonked her seat down in front of them and sat down. I got the picture quick as a flash and then she was up, picked up her chair and was gone. I love it. The second of the extras are the girls in their costumes, the ones that they were wearing when they embargoed me from blipping them last Friday. Thank you girls, you look fabulous!

Bit of a blip and run tonight, it's been a great day and I need my sleep, if I can stop buzzing! Thanks very much all you guys, it's been a pleasure to share the stage with you. 

I also want to thank my gym teacher for being such a b.... oh, sorry, I'm getting carried away and it's turning into an Oscar speech. 


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