Gardening Leave

Inspired by the lovely gardens we visited yesterday and with a hint of warmth in the sun today, we decided to spend the day planting up some more pots with the petunias and fuchsias left over from the hanging baskets.  I always order far too many plants and then wonder what to do with them!

Because many of the bulbs were late in flowering this year, many of the pots are still full, so I've used three long green trays to take the left-over plants.  Not the most elegant containers, but better than throwing the plants away. 

My husband also planted out his tomatoes, which had finally grown to the required height in their individual pots, but he had too many of them as well so the greenhouse is now a tomato house:-)  We'll be giving away masses of them if they all grow!

This young chaffinch was very taken with the new green trays of plants and sat on the edge of one for over 15 minutes.  I don't know if he was having a rest or if he had lost his parents, but he did eventually hop down and help himself to some seed on the ground.  He's the first chaffinch we've seen for many weeks, although we used to have loads of them.  The sparrows have taken over the feeders, so there's not much left for the other birds.

No rain today, but it's looking rather wet here for tomorrow, so hope it doesn't spoil any Father's Day plans for anyone:-)

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