In the midnight garden

It was a lovely evening and I went and sat outside just before midnight. I always like to start the beginning of the longest day outside if I can. I sat and waited for the sound of the bells. I could hear the gulls in the neighbouring field. A lot were seen today following the dolphins hoping for some tasty left overs. As the bells rang I thought I would experiment with some night time flower shots, did nt really know if they would work but there must nt much else to photograph in the darkness. In just that half an hour the amount of light had decreased although I could just  about make out the top of the field.
It was nt just my eyes that were trying to make out shapes in the dark as I could hear a noise and caught a glimpse of something in the flowerbed. I froze and watched the pine marten, at first totally unaware of my presence , climb the steps and then stop. It went up on it's hind legs and I could see it trying to work out what I was. I did nt take any photos I just enjoyed the moment of being a few feet from my Pine marten. It decided not to come any nearer, it turned and disappeared.
I was pleased with the flower photos. This is the scabious which I am hoping will encourage more butterflies and bees to the garden. I was also pleased with a little bug house I bought from Morrisons for just £3.99. 
There are not many flying insects in the garden today as, although sunny to start with, we have had extremely heavy rain showers, so much water that the gutter was over flowing. It's not bad out there though, it's not cold and very refreshing :)
I was reading today that although today is the longest day it is seldom the hottest as the earth is like an oven taking a while to heat up, so I'm still hopeful that the heat will return, not too much , just enough to not need a jacket :)

I'm hoping that I might spy some fairies later, the best chance of seeing them is Midsummer :)

Just watching the tennis at Queens  , getting ready for Wimbledon :) Good luck Andy !   

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