Shhhh, do nt make a sound !!!

I crept out into the garden at just before midnight, 24 hours after yesterdays blip at the end of Mid Summers Day really hoping that there may be a fairy returning after their picnic last night.. To my surprise  out of the corner of my eye I saw this Elder Fairy perched on a rock among the flowers I had planted earlier. I just about managed to take a photo before she disappeared in front of my eyes. She was no where to be seen except a feather had appeared that I'm sure was nt there before.
She did nt seem to be minding the heavy rain that has been with us for most of the day, making the day seem much shorter than it should for mid summer. It was really quite mild out there as I waited to see if I would see her again but I think she must have flown back to the Fairy Glen a few miles away to where she lives by the top waterfall.

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