Sunlight on Hoxa

Woke to sunshine this morning and a flat calm sea. Wonderful reflections. I watched several boats go out including the Pentalina.
The curlews were back in the garden with their two babies, funny looking things with very long legs. Skylarks and meadow pipits were also feeding young digging up many grubs from the lawn.

We went down to Hoxa tearoom, the headland seen above and after coffee and cake went for a walk along the cliffs to the war battery spread out protecting the Scapa Flow in both World wars. It was on June 21st 1919 that the order was given by the German Officer Rear Admiral Von Reuter to sink the German High seas Fleet which had been kept in the Scapa Flow since the signing of the Armistice.
Orders were given to open the flood valves and to smash the water pipes inside . Luckily word got out and the British were able to save 21 ships. Some sunk and their remains can be seen rusting away to this day.

It was an interesting walk although some of it was a bit close to the edge for me.
Back to the tearoom for dinner, I had local dressed crab and after a visit to see the fantastic Hoxa Tapestries we are now having a rest. It has clouded over now the tide has come in and a bit of drizzle.

The view above is from the garden where we are staying. I sat outside drinking tea and drinking in the view.

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