By Houseonahill6

24 hours later

Well that's the end of the longest day but hopefully not the end of the summer.Its been a nice day although I missed some of it as had a sleep this afternoon as did nt feel 100% but ok now.
We went down to the Point.We have to when its a special day,christmas,New year included as its just nice to stand,look at the view and watch for seals and dolphins.Plenty of seals around and a lovely sky with interesting clouds.
I sat in the garden for the rest of the evening listening for the bells to tell me it was midnight.Why I always have to count them I do nt know as I knew there were going to be twelve.
Lit a few candles to make it feel warmer, another strange thing as how can a little candle make any warmth really.That's my token to the sun god hoping that it has strength to give us some more sunny days!
Enjoy the weekend!

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