A stunning day on Orkney

I was awake very early, 4.15 in fact and I was hoping to catch a sunrise but by this time the sun was already high in the sky. It was lovely for a few hours and then we had rain while we were having breakfast and getting ready to go out.
Lucky for us it stopped as we got in the car and we drove to Bank to the Skerries Bistro where we had a delicious lunch, lobster salad for me this time. The views over the Pentland Firth were lovely with plenty of birds flying around. The bistro is in a new glass building now and the food is still just as good as the last time we went.

We explored a few more roads on South Ronaldsay and this view was down one of them at Windwick. Amazing flowers along the cliff tops with birds nesting too. We went for a short walk. Behind us were two massive sea stacks.

We also explored Newark bay with it's Kirk and old ruined windmill and also had a walk down to the glorious sandy beach at Sandwick.

The sun is now providing us with a glorious sunset.

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