Obi Wan

A pretty lazy day today.

I didn't get up until about 11 then Maddy made me breakfast for fathers day. After that I headed into town as I'd promised to sign Lindsey and her pal Charlie into the Spa. I spent a bit of time in there with them then left them to it and headed off in search of a blip.

As it turned out I walked past the Lyceum just after their audience with Ewan McGregor finished and timed it pretty well for him leaving. HE was great actually, took loads of time to chat with the fans who had waited for him before heading off in his car. It made for a nice easy blip too. 

When I got home I caught up on the tennis final, great result for Murray then called my dad for a chat. Now for a relaxed Sunday night before my last week at work before the summer holidays.

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