Hiding under the Bonsai Tree

Busy morning helping the Furniture Recycling men load the last of my redundant furniture onto their van.  It took three men - two to move the furniture and one to hold the form he needed my signature on. One man had long black hair down to his waist and a black beard not quite down to his waist, the form-holder wore only his string vest so I could see all his amazing tattoos, the third was just a young boy - he probably hadn't found his niche in society yet and had short hair and no tattoos.  We had a few laughs while they explained how their satnav coudn't find my house and they'd lost my mobile number, so had to knock on a few doors before finding me!  Anyway - mission accomplished. Then I saw the Black Cat from No. 1 looking at me through the fence - see my Extra.  When I approached him he ran to hide under my large Bonsai Hawthorn - I took his photo again and he does look cute peering from under it.  So, another mission accomplished - my blip for the day!

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