... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Flotilla

Fluffier and softer in large.

I managed to fit in a Goosle visit between rain showers in the early afternoon. They were being chased by the Canada geese when I arrived, and then Barbara appeared to feed them bread and biscuits: I told her that it is best not to feed them, or to give them oats, as processed food can cause developmental problems, but she insisted that they like the bread and "Egyptians love digestive biscuits", so I think that, alas, she may be a lost cause. I tried to be as protective as I could (subtly shuffling them away from her bread), but she visits them twice a day with food so there is little I can do...

I've updated the Goosle gosling album (here).
Flame-haired cootling
Mrs. flapping with gosling bokeh
Striding through the grass (close up)
Competitive grazing
Mrs. doing Pilates
Under Mrs's tail: wider view / close up

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