Shaldon II

You know times are hard when you have to start selling off your holiday homes.  If they carry on like this I’ll have to let the servants go and sell the yacht.
The reason we were making our flying trip to Shaldon was to clear out the stuff we wanted from the chalet as completion of the sale is imminent, hopefully. We decided to sell after six years of ownership for a number of reasons.  The maintenance and upkeep of the place was constant (for Ann), we only ever broke even on rentals v service charges although we did have some lovely times there ourselves.  Also we feel the chalet restricts us from travelling around to different places for short breaks; there’s always that thought at the back of your mind that we should staying there rather than paying lodgings in other parts of the country.
So we came home today after spending our last night at the chalet.  We’ll certainly be back to South Devon and Shaldon, we’ve already been on a few short breaks this year around the country and more are planned.
I took a few parting shots this morning before driving off; I had prepared a picture yesterday but it was superseded by the lovely dusk colours on Shaldon beach last night.  I’m not sure of the rules, but I’m not particularly bothered, so I’ll publish yesterday’s collage as today’s extra.

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