I saw that today's Abstract Thursday theme is Celebration Abstract, well my photo is not abstract, but it is a celebration, a celebration of diversity.  Today is the big day as far as EU membership is concerned.  There have been weeks of information, though mainly mis-information from both sides and a more difficult topic could not be found to run a referendum on.

The subject of my long-term onestreet project has been/still is Greenhill Street in Stratford upon Avon.  As far as diversity goes this street takes the biscuit; there are Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Thai and English eateries and Polish, European and English shops.  This is the latest European mini market, European but not neccesarily all EU.

This diversity, in this town, and many others, makes for a great place to live.  It is mainly for this reason that I decided to vote Remain, I'm not sure I want Britain only for the British, who themselves are mainly originally immigrants going back through the centuries and are, after all, European.  I like the interest and diversity of seeing and speaking to people from many different places, Stratford's Henley Street, home of Shakespeare's birthplace, must have had people from most of the nations on earth walking down it at some time.  And on the subject of Henley Street, also home of my favourite (Italian) coffee shop, virtually all the wonderful staff working there are from mainland Europe.

I have published the Polish shop, Sezam, on Grenhill Street which is a few doors from the minimarket in the past.

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