Feed me !!

The baby robins have ventured right into the garden today. I have seen the robin with the feathers missing from it's head feeding two young ones including this little one. It's not easy to get a photo as they fly around so quickly and if I go outside they vanish so this one is taken through the backdoor. The flower pots etc are still there from the planting I did the other day an all the birds seem to like this area, maybe a few dropped seeds and worms etc from the disturbed soil.

We dropped David off t work and then went to The White Cottage in North Kessock for scampi and chips. Just as we pulled up the tall ship Wyvern sailed past. An historic 60-foot open sea sailing ship from Norway. Launched in 1897 and a regular in the tall ships races which take part in Belfast this year at the beginning of July so I wonder if she was on her way there. Unfortunately while taking part in the 2013 races in Sweden she sank after taking on water. Crew from another tall ship, the Wylde swan ,a boat that is a familiar sight in Scottish waters tried to help but she went down in waves three or four metres high taking one member the Wylde swan with her.
A lot of work has been done to make her sea worthy so it was great to see her sailing by.

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