Well.  I did it. 

Someone very wise (no, actually two people) said - just go for it.  So I did and I have.

I bought the Olympus OM-D E-M1.  I'm not usually this cashed up, I confess, and I had to do some serious fancy footwork so I could afford it.

But you see, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse.  A seriously good kit lens at a very special price, $250 cash back, AND a power pack and spare battery.

This is the second photo I took - Mish was the first - before I changed any setting, before I did any fiddling around. I just went out there and shot more or the less the first thing I saw.

This is an echium bud, maybe 3cms high (about an inch), and I got as close as could be, and I am stoked with the result.  (Naturally it looks better in large with the black background).

The lens is not a macro lens, but a 12-40 zoom, and I didn't use flash (partly because I haven't worked out how to put it on the camera yet).

So how's that for clarity.  I know I could not get as close with the Canon 6D using the Tamron 24-70, which is the full frame equivalent.

I still love my 6D and will always use it for bodybuilding shoots, but I really think this new setup will be much easier to use on safaris and on the road.

So excited - I shall spend the evening working out how to use it properly.

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