Derelict Thursday - Further Demolition!

I blipped a picture of this local "ex-school" 2 weeks ago (here) in the early phase of its demolition. Nothing much seemed to happen for several days after that, but this week they've brought in the heavy equipment so (as you can see) the demolition is proceeding apace. Judging by the comments from my friend TomPhase3 on my last photo of it, he'll be even more delighted to see this further destruction!   :)

I'm intrigued to see what they do about the back wall of the building - I expect that they'll have to leave it in situ. Several years ago a new care home was built next to it, and as far as I can see its wall is actually stuck to the old school wall - you can see its grey thermalite blocks though the old doorway (?or is it an old window?) in the attic on this photo. Interesting!

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