Uncertain Emotions

By meltingman

Baggy Trousers

Market day in Malcesine. Fascinating and busy place selling the full range of stuff, from the cheap and tacky, to the posh and fancy. I bought a pair of those soft, lightweight baggy and very patterned trousers that seem to be everywhere at the moment, with top to match.

More pottering around the town and we tried a new restaurant for dinner tonight. So many places to choose from - we were tempted by one, but opted not to go in after I'd spotted that one of the pasta dishes came with "the Captain's special creamy sauce" which brought out my inner 13 year old. We went to place next door where we had amazing wine and ok food - and as is always the way, the first forkful ended up down the front of the top I'd bought that morning at the market....

The extra photo is another gratuitously tourist photo of the castle. Which is impossibly photogenic from all angles.

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