Uncertain Emotions

By meltingman

"It's just a hole!"

Busy, full day today. Up and off early to catch the bus to Bardolino. The Parentals  have started going there instead of Malcesine as it's still pretty, but flatter (the cobbles and steep streets in Malcesine can be lethal) and a much shorter transfer, so Mum was keen to show it to me.

Impressed with the buses which were bang on time, spacious, cheap and air conditioned. And clean - soooo much better than the buses here.

Bardolino is nice but I prefer Malcesine - found Bardolino a bit more touristy and busy. Bought more floaty trousers though. And another top.

Back mid-afternoon in time to relax a bit before getting ready, having dinner (pasta again) and heading over for an evening trip to Limone. The boats stop running quite early in the evening, so we joined a bunch of other tourists on a charter boat that had been hired by several tour operators. Brilliant feeling pulling out of the marina, waving to nearby diners and then speeding across the lake with a glass of Prosecco in hand.

There was a free concert in Limone - swing music and we listened to it for a bit before having a wander. Only downside to the trip was that we only had an hour and a half in Limone as the boat had to be back at the marina by 11pm and we couldn't go across too soon or the half-boarders would have whinged. Comedy moment came when we popped into the public loos and Mum exclaimed in horror "it's just a hole in the floor!" - not sure why the loos in Limone are the footprint/hole variety. I'm fine with them but Mum and another Brit we were chatting to, aren't and they ended up breaking into the disabled loo which had randomly got locked with no one inside.

There was also time for a glass of very fine Valpolicella Ripasso before boarding the boat back. Wonderful to see Limone lit up at night and magical to cross the lake in the pitch black warmth of the night.

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