By Peahen

Happiness is....

a cool muddy pig on a hot sticky day. Somehow my lens didn't catch any of the flying mud.

Good today - OCA have confirmed that Foundation students have the same status as current degree students, so I don't have to rush into a decision.  Less good - the cocktail of heat and impossible roadworks has left me feeling pretty wiped out today. It's the kind of roadworks that mean I'll be walking or cycling pretty much everywhere for the next nine weeks, but with the added annoyance of the pelican crossings that we need for the school run being taken out of service. One has been replaced with a temporary crossing that broke down this afternoon, leaving me impotent with rage as two drivers sped straight across my green man. One of the roadworks engineers walked out to stop the traffic so that the girl and I could get to school for the carnival costume workshop.I have no idea if I'll make it to the end of the week with my temper intact. Not many things render me furious, but treating pedestrians as an afterthought does it every single time.

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