Denzil's occasional Blips

By denzilblount

Goodbye Leeds (365 mono #314)

I was in Leeds today for a meet the experts event for the June Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund.  For me it was meeting the patients and it was such a humbling experience.  Meeting such brave, lovely and informed people at such a difficult time in their lives was something that I will never forget.  I would urge people to give to JHMRF as it is a truly inspirational organisation started in the memory of a victim of mesothelioma - June Hancock.  It is a horrid condition, caused by almost exclusively by asbestos exposure.  Why the governments of the past and present haven't pledged more money to help the victims of this mistake in industrial history, I do not know.

I took a few photos in Leeds train station on my way through. I had a good chance to edit them using Lightroom on my four and a half hour journey home and am pleased with the outcome.  They might be over-edited to some, but I am happy.

In the chosen image, I like the fact that the young lady in the foreground is kinda ghostly and the guy standing to the middle right is sharp and prominent.

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