the Fresh Prince's new defintion of summer madness

It's an Independence day shot - but it's today's because by the time they took it, it was today over here. 

If only British Garden Parties could be like this. 

Six Ex-UMO Volleyball Players - Different Years, from Different States, from Different Countries, and their better halves. 

Boy insisted he was "celebrating the last day, my great country owned yours", but I know that despite holding on to the Scottish Accent, and being blue at the start of Summer; he loving being "American Boy", and totally adores all his Friends over there.   

How great that they all traveled to meet up in Wilmington,and thanks to G for hosting. (He not in the photo.... ou est G?)

Happy 4th of July to y'all.  

(I can't bring myself to say Independence Day, without trying to sound like Bill Paxton and saying "This is our Independence Day.... wayyyyyyyyyy". Cheering loudly and looking for aliens to shoot). 

Photo courtesy of Caitlin... at the front with the selfiestick :-) 

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