Why don't we take off alone.....

Today's Rules. 

You are who you are, like yourself. 

When you learn to like yourself.  Love Yourself. 

Your mum is always your mum, and you will always be her baby. 

Dance - whenever the notion takes you.  Even in front of the boss. 

Kiss frequently.  (maybe NOT in front of the boss)

Hug whenever a hug is necessary. Sometimes a hug is all it takes. 

Sing loudly and enthusiastically.  (See That Wither's Woman for instruction).  it matters not a jot if you sing badly (see that Wither's Woman for details), as long as you are enjoying it, everyone else will too. 

Take time out to smell the roses, and the daffodils, and the yellow stuff which is sprouting out all over the beach. 

Breath, slowly and evenly. 

When you panic, take a moment, pause, deep breath, and move on. 

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