... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosles: Little Wings!

Brighter eyed and tuftier winged in large.

*Sigh* They're now stretching their little wings a lot...
I struggled to choose today: the goslings were on sweet form, and being peaceful on the little beach by the road. The Canada goslings/fledglings are now huge and are trying to fly (but not lifting off the water): the Canada goose flotilla (2 parents and 7 goslings) is rather an intimidating and bully-ish presence on the pond, so the Goosles are sticking to the quieter edges and avoiding conflict.

I've uploaded some other Goosle pics (right from here); I've also uploaded some shots of the Canada geese splashing about (right from here) and a heron that was on the pond (right from here).

Peaceful gosling
Heron with its tongue out

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