... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Coot Approaching For Oats

More ripply and reflective in large ("L").
I back blipped a swan with a cygnet on its back for yesterday's blip.
More Tonbridge bird shots on Flickr here (inc. a pied wagtail and more swans/cygnets).

I visited the Goosles this afternoon, and while I was pleased with my Goosle photos, I couldn't resist blipping this eager coot. My mother brought oats for the birds, and this coot was the creature most keen on them... The pond is very high at the moment so the small wooden lip at the edge was slightly underwater, and I liked the way that it looked in the shallow water.

Goosles on Flickr (right from here).
Mrs. is v. pretty
Mr. calling to Mrs.
Fledgling stretching: 1 (with Mr. and Mrs.) & 2 (lying down)
All the fledglings: with Mr. & huddling and panting
Coot: eating oats & grinning

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