By SueScape

The Wheatsheaf, Midhurst

The Wheatsheaf at the top of Rumbolds Hill (on the right) and Wool Lane (on the left). A date carved into one of the beams, along with a stylised fish, is 1627.  A very friendy local pub, it’s attached to the former Catholic Church, built in 1868, on the narrow part of the Hill, and you can see  two 16th century cottages at the top of Wool Lane. One of them has been in the process of renovation for a long time now, interesting with all the rendering stripped off revealing the different layers and dates of alterations of the building. You can just see the original base plate (beam) where the earth floor would have been,  raised by brick footings at some point and no doubt a necessary damp proof course added. The other cottage on the left, painted blue and white, was a china shop for a long time. It’s reputed that a passing cow walked into the shop, but unlike the proverbial bull, did no damage. Both cottages have the original overhanging  jetties and the china shop has its orignal attractive tile hanging.

Judging by the large space in front of the Wheatsheaf, there was probably an important cross roads at this point back in the day, with major routes north-south and east-west converging.

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