Morning Primrose !!!!

I love the intense yellow colour on this flower and the sticky wet centre
called Evening Primrose but this one opens in the mornings !!!

Extra pic of poor Ralph and as you can see his front leg has a rather nasty bite from one of his old chums,I made him comfy in my greenhouse last night with supper and water let him out about 5am ,he was not bothered he sat on my lap in the garden and managed to cover me and my black cotton nightdress in his ginger fur.
then I cleaned his wound with salt water  dried it and applied some Germoline to it he was not fussed by the things I do to him,I had just got the last wound well ,he has another on the other leg but not so nasty,poor chap. love him. good job I did not have to go to work this morning I would not have had time x

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