By ChrisGroucutt


Yellow Flower. (Yellowus Thingamajiggus -Latin).
Busy day. Trying to fit everything in today has been a logistical triumph. Planned down to the minute, everything got done. Unfortunately this has kept me out of the studio, which is where I actually need to be, but as they say "There's always tomorrow"
So tomorrow I'll be back at the rehearsals. Del Shannon, and Dion songs are on the menu. Manna from Heaven.

Still learning the new camera, but blip time was limited so I dodged out into the mum-in-laws garden with the express purpose of finding something colourful to capture. Figured this bright yellow thingamijg ticked the box.

So far I'm loving it, although there are a few minor niggles. I'm sure I'll work past them pretty quick. Onwards and upwards.


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