By ChrisGroucutt


Out tonight to see littlest one sing in a joint choir. Really nice night, and I had a lovely Yamaha grand piano to play on too for a couple of their songs. Super Bonus.
The venue had some stunning architecture, and had to blip these beautiful columns, with an ominous steel ball lurking right by. Couldn't choose between two angles, so had to coinflip. (And then decided to put the other one up as an extra anyway).

So that's it - the big switch-over. New camera is up and running. I have, as they say 'Levelled-Up'. Super pleased, although I've got a ton to learn. This little animal has roughly a thousand more variables than my old 'Rebel' but I guess my foundations will be all the more strong for the pillars of photography the old one taught me. See what I did there?

I wonder if the new one will teach me the art of subtlety. :)


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