Ever dissolved to wan wisplessness

With apologies to Thomas Hardy for misquoting him...

It's been a really busy day today.  Year 13 needed teaching "Wuthering Heights" and "Gothic Elements"  this morning.  They really are a lifeless little bunch in spite of my very best efforts to raise a smile from them.  They look at me as if I'm totally mad when I attempt a little bit of humour then when I tell them they can discuss the task I've given them they just put their heads down and try to look as if they are scribbling industriously away.  Hope they are more communicative in September!

Went to discuss funeral arrangements today with a family where a lady who would have been 101 this coming Sunday has just died.  As part of my ongoing funeral training, I am going to do the Eulogy for the family.  It's me and the curate on this one!  Hope we do it right!  Tomorrow will be spent drafting the eulogy.

Tonight it was the sixth for leavers' meal at a local world buffet - very good food and genial company.

Blipping has been a bit of a disaster today - the clouds were beautiful over the woods this afternoon and I thought quite 'abstract' in the patterns being formed so I took a few shots, not realising that somehow I had managed to get my camera onto a mono setting!  It does seem to make it a bit more abstract methinks...

Talking of which, my Cloud is full.  I've got to do something about it...

“We pledge to fight 'blue-sky thinking wherever we find it. Life would be dull if we had to look up at cloudless monotony day after day.” 
― Gavin Pretor-PinneyThe Cloudspotter's Guide

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