Mom still likes to have her containers in the garden blooming nicely and this is a very pretty geranium which is growing well.  Flower Friday sorted.

Busy day today - cycled a few miles doing little jobs, made some lovely chicken liver pate (Scrummy Slimming World Recipe), went swimming in the sunshine, then walked round to Mom and Dad's to see what was going on there.  Dad needed his car insurance sorting out as they wanted over £700 for renewal.  SHH managed to get it down to just over £500.  Dad has obviously now got to the stage where it's not an advantage for car insurance to be old!  He's 85 next week.   Did a search for the earrings I bought for Mom for her birthday last Wednesday.  Can't find them anywhere!  Don't know what she's done with those!  Then I wrote the eulogy for the service for the 100 year old lady  later on this week.  Job done.
Anyway, onwards and upwards!

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