Street Art

Last working day of the week for both TT and me today.  When we got to the station carpark it was very empty, even more people must be on holiday now. When I got near the office the pavement was packed with T in the park revellers waiting on buses.  I have never seen so many people in shorts and wellies.  I didn’t feel tempted to join them.

My work day was much more relaxed than of late which was good.  I even managed out of the office at lunchtime to buy a sandwich and have a wander around.  Although it looked like a lovely day, there was a chill in the air again.

TT and I went for a very quick shop on our way home.  I bought a couple of summer tops and TT bought BB a couple of pairs of shorts for football. BB was pleased to see us and was very full of energy tonight.  I took my dad out for a walk this evening.

I’m not sure whether we will have any internet connection this weekend, so it might be a couple of days before I blip again.

I spotted this street art on my lunchtime wander.  The arch leads to Jacobs Ladder- the steepest steps in Edinburgh!

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