Weed Seed

Been waiting in all day for a delivery that has just arrived - 5 pm:-(   Had to nip out to the Dentist this afternoon so left the Delivery Man a note on my door. Had a long chat with the Dentist about Delivery Men - once one of his ended up at the same address in a different town!  He does like to put me a ease before he starts his drill lol!   When I got back home the Gardener Lady was just leaving - she'd not been able to complete cutting my grass because a blade of her mower had struck one of the treestumps and she will have to take her mower to be fixed.  "See you next week,"  she said.  I had a look round the garden for blip inspiration and found this little seedhead.  Had to take it indoor because there was a lot of wet plants surrounding it and I didn't want the camera getting wet. The seedhead was quite dry but I really wanted it with water droplets so sprayed some water on it - see my extra. It wasn,t very successful anyway and I seemed to get water everywhere - what a mess!  No idea what the plant is - its flower is only 10mm wide - see my other exra.  Have a nice evening, Everyone.

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