Not Everything's Purple

Today I had a wonderful day out with Flying. First we visited the Kaiapoi Art Expo followed by look around the new Kaiapoi Library, Service Centre, Museum and Art Space which opened recently.

I enjoyed the Art Expo and it made me want to start painting again.. which I haven't done since the earthquakes. All the canvases and paints are sitting here waiting for me to start, so I must!

The new Kaiapoi Library, Service Centre, Museum and Art Space is a really interesting building with lots of wonderful lines, shapes and colours. The Museum part isn't open yet but it looks like it soon will be as they were setting up the exhibits. A must to have a look around at some stage.

After that we had lunch at the old Brick Mill Cafe at Woodend .. it was a wonderful lunch. Then we went to Woodend beach, we didn't get out of the car, just looked around as we didn't notice anything to take a few shots of.

On the way back to Rangiroa we stopped of at Pegusus and took a few shots at the beach, which you can see in one of my extra shots. It was amazing to see the snow on the Porthills from there, which is a very unusual sight! There were a few people walking along the beach and the sea looked so wonderful.

My collage is of shots taken in the new Kaiapoi Library, Service Centre, Museum and Art Space. My extra shots are of the building from the outside. Looking down the Kaiapoi River was taken just outside the Library. The extra shot with the blues and purples was taken on Friday night at the Night of D'Light in the Botanic Gardens for KidsFest. It sure was amazing and a delight for young and old alike.

The day started off very cold with a heavy frost but that was followed by a stunning day. Thank you very much Flying for a wonderful day.

I would have put this blip up yesterday, but blip here in New Zealand wasn't working last night so that is why. Pleased it is up and running now.

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