Rain a Drops on a Little Daisy

It has taken a long time but at last we have clear sky and the sun showed its face late in the afternoon. There is only one problem now.. it is going to be a very heavy frost tonight so I will have to be careful in the morning with the black ice as the roads are still very wet.

I had Hydrotherapy this morning then I went and paid a few bills and did some shopping. In my extra shot you can see the sun shinning over the Southern Alps.. it was raining at the time I took this shot. It felt rather surreal. I was going to use that shot but when the sun came out my little daisy seem to glow in the light.

Winter is cold, with gusts of tumbling snow
When rain falls down and nothing ever grows
For children it's the snow that they desire
And cups of co-co in front of the fire

When winters gone, the grass grows green again
Roses and Tulips sprout, with bright green stems
The bees are buzzing, the birds are singing
Sheep are grazing and cow bells are ringing

And then the sun starts to shine too brightly
It's so hot that fans are put on nightly
And so then it's off to the beach or pools
Where people swim about just to keep cool

All the leaves on the trees turn golden-brown
And when on the ground make a crackly sound

In autumn a lot of money you make
For clearing backyards of leaves with a rake

Each season has its own goods and its bads
But since they are all different I am glad!

By Michaela George

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