Feeling the Cold

Today has been another very cold damp day with a little sun and plenty of showers. I didn't go out today as I had no appointments.. first day in ages. This is our first red Camellia to come into flower and I didn't think it likes the weather.

Here is link to some photos and news of the cold snap that is hitting the country just now.

Here are some photos I took on the day trip to Lake Clearwater with Flying a couple of weeks ago. I still have a few more to put up yet.

I would like to grow camellias
I wouldn’t mind the expense
I wouldn’t mind the work
I wouldn’t mind the fertilisers
the manure or the dirt 

I wouldn’t mind the dark green leaves
shady over my back door
but most of all I wouldn’t mind
the flowers bright like blood red teacups
dropping all over my back lawn
By Boonah SCat

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