Children's Library

A while back I blipped the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre with its lovely new modern lines which replaces the old Kaiapoi Library damaged in the earthquakes.

Today blipper JMK and I had a wonderful day exploring this new building along with some other sights of Kaiapoi. There are so many angles and life in this building that it was hard to choose a shot but I simply fell in love with the Children's Library.

I love the vibrant colours, the tree of life with its little native birds sitting in the branches, the stools and cushions and the lovely selection of so many books, the sunlight was pouring through the big glass windows making it an appealing spot for a cold frosty morning - where were all the kids.....I think playing sport.

It was hard to photograph with all the angles but if you imagine the tree of life being the back wall and all the books, cushions and stools being enclosed by the coloured curved slates, it was just about how it looked.

Before going to the Civic Centre we wandered down the road to the Kaiapoi Art Expo which was really quite good. Exhibitions from school children through to talented artists, paintings, photography and sculptures all on display along with beautiful floral arrangements from the North Canterbury Floral Society.

We headed out to Brick Mill and enjoyed a chat over lunch before continuing on to Waikuku Beach and Pegasus Beach where we could see the snow on the Port Hills of Christchurch.

An awesome and fun day with JMK, thanks for your company J :)

Running late with blip as it was chaos last night here, thank goodness all has been settled while I was sleeping.....but woke to no hot water this morning wonder!!

Catch you later in the day with Sunday's blip which is today :)

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