We are on the road again today, this time on four wheels into the wildness of North Yorkshire to a small hamlet near Thirsk. We are meeting up with a couple we befriended on our India trip last November.

My blip shows my important items to be taken with me, and you can you can see from my sheaf of paper directions that I am of an age that has little confidence in satnavs however much His Lordship likes the sexy voice overs.

HL is the driver but I am the navigator and heaven forbid I make a mistake and lead him up a blind alley. This will inevitably result in raised voices and blame apportioning- not a good way to start a mini break.

My liking for these pieces of paper in my hand and a map rather than watching a blue line on a dashboard appliance, is similar to my preference of paper books over digital readers.
I am just an old fashioned gal after all.

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