The village green

I was up before six as usual and although it was raining, the forecast was for it to dry up before eight so I decided to do another Car Boot Sale.  The sun was shining by the time I drove down the road to Denholm but just after getting set up, the rain came back on.  It rained steadily for about twenty minutes, just enough time to soak me and everything else on the stall.

Luckily I had a couple of towels and some kitchen towel in the boot ( sometimes not putting things away when you are finished with them pays off) so managed to get everything fairly dry.  It stayed dry after that and the sun did put in an appearance from time to time.

The picture is the view from where I was standing of what I thought was a war memorial but I have found out that it is something called Leyden's Monument and it's been there since 1861.   Being a Borders town there has to be the obligatory rugby pitch and if there is nowhere else, the village green will do.

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