... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: Cocoon Atrium

More striking a space in large.
Back blip

I went to Eagle Pond to see the Goosles en route to the museum, and found a little frog by the side of the pond! It was nice to see the Goosles before going away for the weekend.
I had a jolly day at the museum; I was glad to be in the Cryptogamic Herbarium, which remains (relatively) cool when the rest of the museum is sweltering. I heard the Typhoon jet fly over for the Battle of Britain flypast which was rather surpising: I'd had no idea that fighter planes were meant to be flying low over central London...

I've uploaded some other shots to Flickr:
Frog shots are right from here. [= Blip alternative]
Goosles are right from here. [This is my favourite]
Museum shots are right from here.

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