Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Day 6

The day dawned  with a blue sky for the first time in a week ----the little bit of rain yesterday cleared the air of the smoke...for now.    And the water was great so finally we got to get out in the shell.  This is Nik and Tatum's inaugural row together in the alden.  (wonder if the Olympics has "cousin rows!")   MADE MY DAY!!!!!  and camp a success!!   (as you who know how I like this boat can imagine.   :-))
Just looking quickly now, , may change the photo later when I have time but there are 2 extras too,  (it's an event) and now we are getting ready to leave  the boys and parents here for a few more days while we take Tatum home and do a bit of catch up in Seattle!!  Nik is not happy to see her go. 

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