Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Coffee Needed

A wasted afternoon.   I was looking online for the answer to a technical question about my sony camera and there was a YouTube video with the how to do it answer that I clicked on.   Mistake! Huge popups and loud voices telling me there was a serious virus alert and to call this mac support number.    I couldn’t get rid of it any way, so I called the number… after seeming to verify that he was legit, of course there was all sorts of problems he found in the computer, I finally decided it was bogus and hung up when they wanted a check for $150.    Stupid, I know.    (still not sure…)   But got rid of that popup somehow and it seems to work OK… will take it to Apple later…

So even tho it was far too late for coffee, (4PM) we just needed a quick espresso after that fiasco.    Love our coffee (don’t all Swedes love coffee?) .  Every morning we have a double latte (in bed) … make this amount for each, and steam the milk, pour in large cup.   Then again late morning (single),  and again after lunch.  Sometimes lunch is straight espresso.   These much loved cups came home in my backpack from a trip to Italy years ago,(one handle has been broken and glued)… 

The wbc this week is habits (or vices).  This would qualify, I think.    We’ll be saturated now….

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