Sleeping it off.

It's been some day for Sheba and Maly!  I took them to the vets last night for an overnight stay as I find it very difficult to make sure the don't get anything to eat before an anaesthetic.  It was noted at Sheba's annual checkup last week that she needed a scale and polish and I still think Maly is walking funny so he was booked in for an X-ray with sedation.  

Maly's teeth looked ok but when the vet got a good look after he was knocked out, it was noticed that one of his back teeth was broken.  This was extracted and some stitches put in his gum.  The X-ray showed up that he has developed arthritis so will have to be on medication for the pain and stiffness.

The pair of them are home now and looking a bit dazed and wobbly but otherwise fine.  I have shut their cat flap for the night so at least Daisy is happy that she won't need to go in her cage.

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