Smiling again.

Last night I decided that Maly and Sheba were in no fit state, after their anaesthetic, to be let outside, so I set the cat flap to "in only" and filled a litter tray for them. This lead to a bit of a disturbed sleep for everyone as someone kept rattling the flap and Maky kept yelling to get let out! They were both looking much like their old selves this morning so I opened the door and they shot out.

Today was the painful bit for me as I popped back to the vet to pick up Maly's Easeflex glucosamine tablets and pay the bill, vets are not cheap! I think Daisy is smiling because she has got herself comfortable on my bed but I'm not shutting the cat flap tonight so she is going to have to go into her cage at bedtime - she's too wee to be out at night.

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