In the gym

THEY was rowing their little hearts out in the gym late this afternoon.  HER eyes were dropping out - too much computer, and HE was pretty tired as well - but in HIS case I think it was a Wimbledon Hangover. 

What, you've never heard of them?

Well, if you live in Australia and you like to watch Wimbledon, which is apparently a tennis game, you need to stay up to all hours to watch it.  and you get to bed very late indeed, and the next morning you have a Wimbledon Hangover.  Simples.

So, there we all were in the gym, and I was playing with my toy, and SHE had just finished rowing, so she took pictures of me and him.

And if you want to get nightmares, just have a look at what SHE blipped.  It frightened me to death I can tell you.  I was so scared my tail dropped.

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