Marked and cut

Work has asked me to complete the training materials I’ve been writing, even though I will soon not be there to organise any training. I've rooted the workbooks entirely in our trainees’ experience of working with us so the illustrations are of our tutors doing what the trainees need to do. For the ‘how to use a chisel’ section of the final workbook I was short of two photos so woodwork tutor M and I set them up today. His job ends this Friday so carrying on as if nothing is changing makes us both slightly manic. We catch each other’s eyes, we grimace, we shrug, we laugh.
We get on with it. I marked up the timber and photographed it then M did the sawing. He and I will both take copies of the completed workbook for our portfolios and may well be the only people ever to see it.
This is a functional picture. I prefer the one I took a while ago which I've used for the cover – in Extras.

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