By jac1954

Tequila Sunrise pinks

At last My Tequila Sunrise ( Pure white blooms with creamy yellow with lipstick kiss ring )
The first of my Chelsea Flower show 2015 Cocktail pinks has flowered.
still to go is.
Cosmopolitan ( Redcurrant bloom with a cherry red centre )
Mojito (pure white with citrus lime green maturing to lemon centre )
Shirley Temple ( candyfloss pink with deep red centre eye ) 
Cherry Daiquiri ( Lilac blush with raspberry centre )
Pinks are just one of my favs in the flower world
I think they would have to come with me to a desert island, plus Roses,and Daffodils. to to many to say.

Extra blip pic of my Alan Titchmarsh Pinks, this one is from My Late friend Richards garden before I walked away for the last time.
he has kept this one plant going by taking cuttings for the next year in September since 1976 when he moved into the Bungalow. felt it has a special place. they all smell fantastic as well. 
A big must in my gardens xxx

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