By JanBee

Still waters

... can run up hills apparently...

First full day of our hols and a lot to pack in ... we visited the market town of Devizes which was interesting, lots of beautiful honey coloured stone buildings, many so large it's now hard to find a use for them... some just crumbling. 
From there we walked along the Kennet and Avon canal to have a look at the famous Caen Locks ... a flight of 29 locks to copy with the steep rise up to Devizes ..... an incredible feat of engineering.  16  of them form a set of consecutive 'steps' up the steepest part of the hill ... quite amazing ( see extra pics).

After walking all the way down  the hill  - and then all the way back up to Devizes, we headed off to Avebury to have a look at the 'henge', so many stones in circles and forming a long avenue ... I'm not sure if enaayone actually knows why or how they came to be there .... as it should be... mysteries are important ... (see extra images),

The 'home', across glorious countryside and gentle hills, past a white horse on the hill  (see extras) - wine food bed ... lovely day!

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