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By jackblack

The Torch

Cupar 2012: Our Wee Bit of the Olympics

Torchbearer : Gregor Mackenzie

Gregor's nomination story

"Despite being born with Down's Syndrome, Greg has always tried to be the best in what he does. Not only is he representing the Great Britain weight lifting team at the World Special Olympics in Athens this year, but he has also successfully held down a job for the past 2 years at a local café (serving everyone with a smile, especially the ladies!). Having competed in weight lifting around the country, Greg is well known in the Dundee area. Indeed, he has undertaken numerous fundraising tasks to be able to fulfil his dream of representing the UK next month. As his support worker for the past 7 years, I am proud to nominate Greg, not only as someone I work with, but as a true friend who inspires me, makes me laugh and has taught me a few things on the dance floor over the years! Greg is a very passionate person and loves sport. Although him and I differ on the football teams we support, both of us will be watching as much of the Olympic Games as we can and avidly supporting team GB. It would mean the world to Greg to be an Olympic torch bearer in Dundee, and would recognise his efforts, not only in the Special Olympics this summer, but in his personal life over the past few years. Inspirational, determined, good fun, happy, focussed and respectful are the key character traits of Greg - traits which make him an ideal candidate for being an Olympic torch bearer."

(Story as provided by the Torchbearer's nominator)

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