Matts Photo Journal

By photomatt

The Visit

I drove back to the Baltimore area to visit my Aunt this morning.  As I approached her room, I could her her yelling random phrases.  When I went in, she didn't say hi, didn't seem to recognize me, and proceeded to tell me she was kidnapped last night and held against her will in an apartment of one of the hospital workers.  She said she walked home from the apartment but couldn't remember how she got in the rehab facility.  I feel horrible that she is in this state knowing that she must be scared out of her wits (reality or not).  

I think the move from the hospital to the rehab facility was too much for her.  Her physical state has also degraded and the rehab nurse just called to say that they are sending her back to the hospital for evaluation.  I am home for the evening but will have to go back up in the morning to talk with the doctors and see what the next steps are.  After the hospital visit, I am going to the house to pick up her cat Samantha and bring her back to my house. Samantha doesn't like the dogs so she will get her own suite upstairs so that she can live comfortably until my aunt returns home (we hope).  

Today's blip is of my Tox Fox Terrier Maggie... 

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