RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Lunch On The Beach

We have picked Wednesday and Sunday as the two days in which to keep the volleyball tradition alive on Playa La Ropa. So far, we have managed to get games going each day that we have set up the net but it seems to be getting more difficult to find players as the temperature increases. Today, it looked hopeless as the beach was virtually empty at 13:30 when Alejandra, the taco lady, came by with our lunch. Usually the palapas near where we play volleyball are filled with vacationing families and we have to provide our own umbrella. As one can tell from this photo, that is not the case this time of year - we have our choice of spots. The barbacoa tacos were delicious and soon after Alejandra walked off down the beach people started arriving and we played until 17:00.

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